Red Bird Mission

This is Earline Lawson from Jack’s Creek, Kentucky. She is widowed, lives alone deep in a holler in the hills of Appalachia, she sleeps with a six-gun under her pillow, and keeps a machete behind her chair. She is also as sweet as can be. Last summer I had the honor and blessing to lead a Mission group in replacing the leaking roof on Mrs. Lawson’s home. Of course, she had never met any of us and had no idea if we knew what we were doing. But she put her trust and faith in us, welcomed us onto and into her home, and ate lunch, chatted, and prayed with us each day. I believe I speak for each of us when I say that we left with much more than we gave.

The Red Bird Mission in Beverly Kentucky stands as a beacon of Hope to folks like Mrs. Lawson, and this July, Dot & I, as well as a small group of others, will be returning as we have for many years. The homes and Mission projects we and our fellow Missionaries undertake are unknown at this time, but the need is immense.

As always, Dot & I pay for our own expenses; food, lodging, travel, and a share of the repair materials and supplies. The materials for replacing a roof, or repairing a floor, or painting an apartment are costly. The Mission itself covers some of this cost, and homeowners contribute what they can, but additional funds are needed. Homes in the area tend to be desperately in need of numerous repairs, and there are invariably additional repairs and unanticipated material costs involved with each project.

If you are willing and able to provide financial support to the 2019 Red Bird Mission trip, it would be deeply appreciated. (No amount is too small or too large.) More importantly, we humbly request your prayerful support for the Mission, the Missionaries and the people we seek to Serve.

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